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Heaven's Cloud - Brushes and Color Palette for Procreate

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Hi! I'm Jac, a digital artist who loves exploring different coloring styles!

The Heaven's Cloud Procreate Set is specially designed for you who love to paint with soft textures and colors! Don't worry if you like it rough, though! This procreate set is very flexible so you can explore different coloring styles! (Look at slide 6 to see something rougher I did!)

The starter pack includes:

  • 30 color swatches
  • 3 Brushes (canvas texture, painting brush (blendable), and a detailing brush)

The full set includes:

  • 84 color swatches (picked carefully to match undertones)
  • 8 Brushes (2 canvas textures, 2 painting brushes, 2 detailing brushes, a textured airbrush, and a sketch/lineart brush)
  • An 8 page digital copy of the mini guidebook (a brief explanation and suggestion on how I use the Procreate set)

You can purchase the color palette, brushes, and mini guidebook separately!

!! No refunds once you purchase !!

Have any trouble purchasing? Please send me a direct message on Instagram @johajaho or Twitter @johajahov!

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Heaven's Cloud - Brushes and Color Palette for Procreate

44 ratings
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